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Life & Self-care Coaching for Teens

Life as Teenager

Do you remember your teenage years? What you had to go through and grow through? The insecurities you had? The peer pressure you felt? Low self-esteem? For many of us those years were when we learned some unfortunate lessons and experienced some of the worst emotional hurt. Can you imagine what it must be like as a teenage in this new age? Suicide and depression are highest among teenagers and young adults compared to other ages. In addition, teenagers are vulnerable to these issues due to where they stand socially and developmentally. Life and self-care coaching for teens can be beneficial to them navigating through this period of their lives. My experience over the years with teens vary from being a Leader over the youth department, an after school tutor,  to a Sunday school and Bible study teacher with various ministries.

 What I have observed is this: Teens want to be heard, understood, and respected.  Parents, sometimes you do not have the ability to reach your teens where they are. Sometimes it takes another positive person to come into their lives to provide wisdom and pour into them. As a Life and Self-care Coach, my goal is to help your teens develop tools to aid them through their teenage journey by Learning Intentionally From Experiences.  Teenagers were never meant to navigate this journey on their own, which is why you they have parents; therefore, allow me to help you help your teens navigate this journey by Learning Intentionally From Experiences together.

Life and Self-care Coaching For Teens 

Life and Self-care Coaching focuses on helping teens ages 13-17 develop in the following areas:

Benefits of Teen Life Coaching

Benefits of Teen Life and Self-care Coaching:

Why Teen Life Coaching?

Your Teens May Need a Life & Self-care Coach If They:

A Life & Self-coach is not a therapist, but is another wellness professional that is on your team, can help your teen win, and develop strategies to navigate their Life.

"Learned Lessons Can Be Blessings". 

Life & Self-care Coach, LaSheena R. McBride